It starts with a chef and his passion. Stir up that passion until an opportunity to acquire a prime piece of historic ranchland appears. Set on high with record breaking forest fires, and protect fiercely over many nights with a neighbour, aka future business partner, who happens to be a seasoned firefighter. Uncover a new-found partner with ranching skills and similar core values.
From these two people, pour the combined strength of character and the desire to create quality beef raised from the purity of the land, into a new business proposal. Over many months, all the rich flavours of a dream will merge together to form the Hanceville Cattle Company.


Hanceville, British Columbia,

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About 300km north of Vancouver, British Columbia, sits our ranching operation.  Wedged between the mighty Chilcotin River and the towering rim rock that holds up the high plateau country, lies our hayfields and grazing lands.  Pioneering ranching culture has worked this land for well over a century and the Tsilhqot’in people have called this territory home for millenniums.  
This is a land of contrast.  Sweet grass meadows give way to ancient Interior Douglas Fir forest. Dry Bunch Grass slopes lead to hoodoo formations over the deep blue river.  Aspen hollows draw down a hillside indicating water in a semi arid landscape.  It’s a land ruled by the seasons.  This diverse landscape yields the perfect environment to raise certain breeds of cattle that thrive on the forage and conditions that this complex ecosystem creates.


Highland: An ancient breed of cattle originating from the harsh environment of the Scottish Highlands.  Like our Galloways this breed also produces a high-quality grass finished beef from challenging forage conditions.
The cattle breeds that we handle have been chosen for the environment that we live in.  Chilcotin can be harsh country and our focus is on those hearty breeds that can transform the native forage into a high-quality, fully grass finished beef.
Belted Galloway:  A heritage breed originating from Scotland that thrives on marginal grass pasture and often challenging weather conditions.  This breed is prized for its ability to produce a well marbled and high-quality grass finished beef.
Aberdeen Angus: Our Black Angus cattle are the more traditional British beef cattle that we see on ranches.  This breed also originates in Scotland and is known for its quality meat characteristics and easy handling.
Canadian Speckle Park:  A younger breed originating from Saskatchewan, Canada.  This breed was developed from traditional British breeds and carries great characteristics in both meat quality on the grass lands and easy handling around the ranch.